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I blog to remember the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly moments; to forgive, to forget, to laugh & to cry. In the end, these experiences are what makes us who we are♥

Regards to losing flabby tummy:

1. Dark chocolate actually helps you lose weight (everything in moderation of course).
2. Hula hoop exercise does NOT help you lose the flabby tummy.
3. Low rise jeans increase the likelihood of a flabby tummy because you are squeeze all that fat towards one direction.
4. If you lean forward too much, that will also create a flabby tummy. 
5. Biking helps you lose weight.
6. Tip-toeing while walking in circles also helps you lose weight. 

—I will continue to add to this list whenever I learn something new :)

Posted on: 20 January, 2012 with 16 Notes


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